Pakistan Cricket Board’s Request for Venue Changes Rejected by ICC Ahead of ODI World Cup 2023 Schedule Announcement

By | June 28, 2023

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had recently sought venue changes for their matches against Afghanistan, Australia, and India. However, their request was promptly turned down by the International Cricket Council (ICC) when the ODI World Cup 2023 schedule was announced on Tuesday. Despite the matches being held at the originally proposed venues, there are some discontented individuals within the PCB. Renowned former Pakistani cricketer, Kamran Akmal, criticized the board for its perceived ‘stupidity’ and endorsed the ICC’s decision to reject the request for venue changes.

In a YouTube video on his channel, Akmal expressed his support for the ICC’s refusal, pointing out that granting such requests could set a precedent for other cricket boards to demand similar changes.

“Pakistan had requested a venue swap for their group matches against Australia and Afghanistan. Additionally, they seemed reluctant to face India in Ahmedabad. However, the ICC rightfully rejected their request. It was improper for the PCB to make such a demand,” stated Kamran.

“This is an ICC event, and it is the ICC’s prerogative to decide where the matches should be played. If the ICC had agreed to change the venues, other boards would have also sought such alterations. Making such a request is simply nonsensical,” he added, strongly criticizing the PCB.

Following the announcement of the World Cup schedule, the Pakistan board expressed that it is still awaiting government clearance regarding their participation in the tournament held in India. In response, the ICC reminded the PCB of the “participation agreement” they had already signed.

“Pakistan has signed a participation agreement to compete, and we expect them to be there. We have received no indications to the contrary,” stated an ICC spokesperson in response to the PCB’s statement.

“We understand that all members must adhere to the rules and laws of their respective countries, and we respect that. However, we remain confident that Pakistan will be present in India for the Men’s Cricket World Cup,” the statement further affirmed.

By adhering to the rules and regulations outlined by the ICC, the PCB can ensure their participation in the upcoming Men’s Cricket World Cup, fostering a competitive and captivating tournament for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

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