Gold Price in Pakistan Decreases as Local Currency Strengthens

By | June 20, 2023

In a positive development for investors, the price of gold in Pakistan has witnessed a decline for the third consecutive session. This decline can be attributed to the nominal gains made by the local currency against the dollar on Tuesday. In this article, we will delve into the latest trends in the gold market and explore the reasons behind this fluctuation.

Gold Price Decline

According to data released by the All-Pakistan Sarafa Gems and Jewellers Association (APSGJA), the price of 24-carat gold experienced a decrease of Rs200 per tola and Rs171 per 10 grams. As a result, the rates settled at Rs220,500 and Rs189,043, respectively. It is important to note that these figures reflect the most recent data and are subject to change as per market dynamics.

International Market Analysis

While the local gold market experienced a decline, the international market remained stable. The price of the yellow metal remained unchanged at $1,951 per ounce on Tuesday. This indicates that the fluctuation in gold prices in Pakistan is primarily influenced by local factors rather than international trends.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Pakistan

The gold rate in Pakistan has been subject to volatility in recent times due to various factors. Political and economic uncertainty, high inflation, and currency depreciation are among the key drivers behind the fluctuating gold prices. In such times, individuals often turn to gold as a safe investment and a hedge against economic instability.

Silver Price Trends

Apart from gold, the price of silver also experienced nominal losses. As per the data shared by the association, silver prices fell by Rs50 per tola and Rs42.86 per 10 grams. The rates settled at Rs2,600 and Rs2,229.08, respectively. It is important to closely monitor silver prices as they can provide valuable insights into the overall precious metals market.

Local Currency Performance

Simultaneously, the local currency showed nominal gains against the dollar, with an increase of Rs0.02 or 0.01%. The interbank market recorded a closing rate of Rs287.22 on Tuesday. This strengthening of the local currency contributes to the decline in gold prices, as a stronger currency often leads to lower gold rates.


In conclusion, the recent decrease in gold prices in Pakistan can be attributed to the nominal gains made by the local currency against the dollar. Factors such as political and economic uncertainty, high inflation, and currency depreciation have contributed to the volatile nature of the gold market. However, gold continues to be a preferred investment option during uncertain times due to its status as a safe haven. Investors and individuals interested in the precious metals market should closely monitor price trends and stay informed about the factors that influence this market.

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