Facebook and Instagram Users in Canada to be Blocked from Viewing Canadian News

By | June 23, 2023

In a significant development, the Canadian government has recently passed a bill that will have profound implications for Facebook and Instagram users in the country. According to the new law, digital giants are now required to compensate Canadian outlets for the news and information shared on their platforms, or else they will face mandatory arbitration. This legislation draws inspiration from Australia’s New Media Bargaining Code, which was the first of its kind globally and aimed at ensuring that Google and Meta pay for news content displayed on their platforms.

Like Australia, Canada has also accused these two tech behemoths, which wield significant influence in the online advertising space, of depleting financial resources from traditional news organizations while freely utilizing their content. In response to the Online News Act, Google has previously expressed its consideration of a similar course of action.

Unsurprisingly, both Facebook and Meta (formerly known as Facebook) have vehemently opposed this bill. Nevertheless, it is designed to provide much-needed support to the struggling Canadian news sector, which has witnessed the closure of hundreds of publications over the past decade. Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, expressing his satisfaction after the bill’s final passage in the Senate, tweeted, “Exciting news! (No pun intended).” He acknowledged Meta’s regrettable decision to block news content but vowed to champion the cause of Canadians against these tech giants. Rodriguez labeled opposition to the bill as “flawed and dangerous to our democracy and economy.”

Earlier this year, Google temporarily limited news access for Canadian users of its popular search engine, adding to the ongoing concerns. Meta, in a statement, confirmed that news availability on Facebook and Instagram will be terminated for all users in Canada. However, the company emphasized that this change would not affect its other products and services in the country. Meanwhile, Jenn Crider, a spokesperson for Google, stated that they are actively working to prevent an undesirable outcome and are seeking collaboration with the government to find a way forward. Although the company has proposed amendments to the bill, none of their concerns have been addressed so far.

Officials from the Prime Minister’s office revealed that they recently held a meeting with representatives from Facebook and Google. They expressed their eagerness for further discussions regarding the implementation of the new law. Notably, last month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strongly criticized Meta for conducting a trial run that involved blocking Canadian news content for certain users.

In conclusion, the passage of the bill in Canada has set the stage for a significant transformation in the digital landscape. Facebook and Instagram users in the country will soon face restrictions on accessing Canadian news. While this move aims to protect the struggling news sector, it has ignited a fierce battle between the Canadian government and tech giants. The coming months will reveal the implications and potential outcomes of this groundbreaking legislation.

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