Concerns About ‘Brown’ Migrants: Insights from Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin

By | June 30, 2023

The Reality of Concerns and Historical Perspectives

In a recent interview on the BBC’s HardTalk program, the Right Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the bishop of Dover, shed light on an intriguing aspect of British society. She emphasized that some Britons seem to express more concerns about an influx of “brown people” into the UK, while being relatively silent about migrants from countries like Ukraine or Hong Kong. Bishop Hudson-Wilkin, originally from Jamaica, finds this observation noteworthy.

Challenging the Lack of Historical Perspective

Bishop Hudson-Wilkin believes that part of the problem lies in the British people’s lack of understanding about their own history. She eloquently reminds them that their own ancestors were once economic migrants, traveling to various regions around the globe in search of a better life. Drawing upon this historical perspective, she emphasizes that the individuals arriving in the UK today are doing precisely the same thing.

Global Historical Ties and Cultural Connections

The bishop highlights the importance of recognizing the global historical ties that bind people together. She argues that these connections foster a natural affinity with the UK, leading individuals from diverse backgrounds to aspire to come and live in the country. Understanding and acknowledging this perspective can help address the concerns and misgivings held by some Britons.

The Migrant Crisis: Compassion and Solutions

It is crucial to address the ongoing migrant crisis, as over 8,000 individuals have already crossed the English Channel this year, seeking refuge and a better life. Many of them hail from some of the world’s most impoverished and unstable regions. The government’s proposed Illegal Migration Bill, currently under discussion in Parliament, aims to tackle this issue by granting ministers the power to deport those who arrive illegally to Rwanda or another “safe country” and preventing them from claiming asylum.

Apprehensions and Empathy: A Clash of Perspectives

Bishop Hudson-Wilkin expresses her deep concern regarding this legislation. She finds it appalling because human migration has been a fundamental part of history, with people seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families. She asserts that comparing and pitting vulnerable groups against each other is fundamentally wrong.

The Government’s Perspective

A government spokesperson, responding to the bishop’s criticisms, stated that the UK has a proud history of supporting those in need of protection. The country’s resettlement programs have offered safe and legal routes to hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the world, providing them with better futures. However, the spokesperson also acknowledges the unprecedented scale of the global migration crisis and the necessity for change to prevent dangerous human smuggling and address the shortcomings of the global asylum system.

In Conclusion

Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin’s insightful remarks shed light on the concerns surrounding the arrival of migrants in the UK. By invoking historical perspectives and appealing for empathy, she encourages a more compassionate and inclusive approach to migration. Recognizing the shared human experiences and cultural connections can foster a more comprehensive understanding and help address the challenges posed by the current migrant crisis.Concerns About ‘Brown’ Migrants: Insights from Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin

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