China Accuses UK of Sheltering Fugitives Escaping Hong Kong’s National Security Law

By | July 4, 2023

China’s London Embassy Speaks Out

China’s London embassy recently accused the UK of providing shelter to fugitives who fled Hong Kong after the imposition of Beijing’s sweeping national security law in 2020. The UK responded by stating that it would not tolerate China’s attempts to silence individuals in the UK or overseas.

The Pursuit of Eight Pro-Democracy Activists

Eight pro-democracy activists, who left Hong Kong following the enforcement of the national security law, have been targeted. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, John Lee, declared that these individuals would be “pursued for life,” urging them to surrender, warning of a life lived in fear otherwise.

Chinese Embassy’s Condemnation

In response to the UK’s stance, the Chinese embassy in London issued a statement late on Monday, condemning what it called “crude interference in Hong Kong’s rule of law and China’s internal affairs.” They claimed that British politicians had openly offered protection for the fugitives.

HK$1m Bounty for Arrests

On Monday, a bounty of HK$1m (£100,581; $127,637) was offered for the arrest of these pro-democracy activists. Notably, the eight individuals named in the announcement are currently residing in countries like the UK, the US, and Australia, which lack extradition treaties with China.

Life in Danger for Activists

Nathan Law, a pro-democracy campaigner who fled to the UK, revealed that the bounty has made his life more dangerous. Concerned for his safety, Law expressed the need to be cautious about disclosing his whereabouts due to the offered reward for his arrest.

Accusations of Colluding with Foreign Forces

The eight targeted activists are accused of colluding with foreign forces, a crime punishable with a life sentence under Hong Kong’s draconian security law. This law was enacted three years ago following widespread pro-democracy protests in 2019. Critics argue that the law is designed to suppress dissent.

International Reactions

The UK’s Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, called on Beijing to remove the national security law and cease targeting those advocating for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, hundreds of pro-democracy campaigners have been arrested and convicted in Hong Kong under the same law.

Fear and Intimidation

Anna Kwok, executive director of the Hong Kong Democracy Council, another exiled activist, spoke out against the bounty, asserting that it aimed to intimidate her and her fellow activists. She vowed to continue fighting for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong despite the threats.

Concerns from Australia and the US

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, expressed deep disappointment in response to the announcement and conveyed ongoing concerns about the erosion of Hong Kong’s rights, freedoms, and autonomy. The US State Department stated that this move set a dangerous precedent threatening the human rights and fundamental freedoms worldwide.


The situation surrounding the eight pro-democracy activists fleeing Hong Kong has drawn international attention, with China accusing the UK of providing shelter to the fugitives. As the controversy continues, the activists and their supporters remain committed to fighting for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, despite the challenges they face. The global community watches closely to see how this dispute will unfold and affect human rights issues worldwide.

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