Breaking Down Fan Theories for Season 2 of Wednesday: New Additions and Plot Secrets

By | June 18, 2023

Jenna Ortega, accompanied by her co-stars from the popular Netflix show Wednesday, gathered at TUDUM: A Netflix Global Fan Event on June 17th, 2023. During the event, Ortega, along with Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, and Hunter Doohan, engaged in a discussion about the intriguing fan theories surrounding the upcoming season of the series.

Confirmed Theory: The Addams Family Welcomes a New Member

One of the most significant theories that received confirmation is the introduction of a new member to The Addams Family in season two. Although Doohan admitted they were uncertain about the identity of the new addition, Ortega suggested Cousin Itt, while Doohan and Sunday expressed their agreement, considering Grandmama as a potential choice.

The Secretive Plot of Season 2: A Mystery Even for the Cast

Myers disclosed that the plot for the second season is shrouded in secrecy, to the extent that even the cast remains unaware of what lies ahead. Netflix is strategically promoting the show by highlighting the four talented young stars. Consequently, viewers can anticipate Season 2 to address some of the unresolved storylines from the first season, including the fate of Tyler (played by Doohan) and the enigmatic past of Bianca (portrayed by Sunday).

Theory: Wednesday Becomes the New Hyde Master

One theory suggests that Wednesday will assume the role of the Hyde Master after triumphing over Ms. Thornhill/Laurel Gates (played by Christina Ricci). The evidence supporting this theory stems from an observation made when Wednesday drives past Tyler, triggering his transformation into Hyde. Could this imply that Wednesday possesses a certain power over him?

“I’ve always contemplated the idea of Wednesday having a monstrous pet,” responded Ortega, intrigued by the concept.

“I’m all for it. I bow down to Jenna,” added Doohan, who portrays Tyler. “Knowing Wednesday, she’d probably come up with something truly dreadful for me to do.”

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