Advocate Sameer Khosa Argues Unjust Arrest and Urges Release of Petitioner on Bail

By | June 28, 2023


Advocate Sameer Khosa, representing the petitioner, made compelling arguments before the court regarding the unjust arrest of his client. In this article, we will delve into the details of the case, highlighting the absence of evidence and the alleged political motivations behind the arrest. Additionally, we will shed light on the petitioner’s critical circumstances, emphasizing the necessity for her release on bail. Let us explore the facts surrounding this case.

Unjust Arrest and Political Motivations

According to Advocate Sameer Khosa, the petitioner was apprehended by the police without any substantiating evidence. The arrest seemed to be motivated purely by political reasons, lacking a legitimate basis. Such a grave accusation raises concerns regarding the fairness and impartiality of the legal proceedings.

A Mother’s Plight

It is crucial to note that the petitioner is a mother of three children, with the youngest being just five years old. This young child is in dire need of their mother’s care and attention. Furthermore, the petitioner herself requires urgent medical treatment, making it impractical and unjust to confine her behind bars indefinitely. By considering her role as a mother and her health condition, it becomes evident that alternative measures must be pursued.

False Accusations and Lack of Involvement

Advocate Sameer Khosa firmly asserts that all charges leveled against the petitioner are baseless. She has not engaged in any illegal activities or acts of violence, further highlighting the lack of substantial evidence against her. The presumption of innocence must prevail until proven otherwise, and the petitioner’s track record should be taken into account when evaluating her involvement in the alleged offenses.

Urgent Request for Bail

Considering the circumstances presented, Advocate Sameer Khosa urges the court to grant the petitions and release the petitioner on bail. By doing so, the court can ensure that she receives the necessary medical care and fulfills her responsibilities as a mother. Granting bail would not only be a fair decision but also allow the petitioner to actively participate in her legal defense.

Court Proceedings and Notices

Justice Ali Baqar Najafi, leading a two-judge bench, issued notices to the police and prosecution, demanding their replies by the following week. This step demonstrates the court’s commitment to upholding due process and impartiality. By allowing the police and prosecution to present their side of the case, a comprehensive understanding can be achieved, ensuring a fair and just resolution.


The case of the petitioner, represented by Advocate Sameer Khosa, highlights the concerning issues of an unjust arrest, political motivations, and the urgent need for bail. The petitioner’s status as a mother and her health condition further emphasize the need for alternative measures to be considered. By carefully evaluating the evidence, ensuring fair proceedings, and taking into account the petitioner’s circumstances, the court can arrive at a just decision. It is essential to preserve the principles of justice and fairness in order to maintain public trust in the legal system

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