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Severe Rainfall Causes Devastation: 17 Fatalities and 49 Injuries Reported in Punjab, Pakistan

In a tragic turn of events, the province of Punjab in Pakistan has been engulfed by heavy rains, leading to significant loss of life and numerous injuries. This sudden downpour has wreaked havoc, leaving behind a trail of destruction and suffering. With 17 lives lost and at least 49 individuals injured, the impact of these… Read More »

Returning Home After Cyclone Biparjoy: A Relief for Over 100,000 People in Western India

More than 100,000 individuals who sought refuge in relief camps in western India during Cyclone Biparjoy are now beginning to make their way back home, as the storm has weakened, as per the authorities’ statement. Relief in Jakhau: A Coastal Village In the coastal village of Jakhau, situated in India’s Gujarat state, the cyclone made… Read More »