Prince William and Kate Middleton Steal the Show at King Charles’ Coronation Celebration

By | July 5, 2023

Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, captured the attention of the public with their endearing display of affection during King Charles’ Coronation Celebration in Scotland on Wednesday. The Prince and Princess of Wales became the highlight of the event, accompanied by Charles and Camilla. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating occasion.

A Royal Affair: Kate’s Stunning Appearance

Kate Middleton, known for her elegant fashion choices, mesmerized onlookers in a captivating royal blue coat dress designed by Catherine Walker, one of her favored designers. The ensemble was perfectly complemented by a matching hat crafted by the talented Philip Treacy. She further enhanced her outfit by coordinating her bag and heels, creating a visually harmonious appearance.

The Regal Procession and Ceremony

Princess Kate, referred to as the Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland, joined her husband, the Prince, alongside Charles and Camilla for a regal procession through Edinburgh. The gathering witnessed Charles being bestowed with the Crown of Scotland during the Scottish Coronation held at the esteemed St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Playful Moments Amidst Formality

Despite the solemnity of the occasion, Kate’s playful spirit was evident. During the service, she whispered sweet nothings in William’s ear and playfully tapped him on the behind, adding a touch of lightheartedness to the proceedings.

National Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication

William and Kate, accompanied by Charles and Camilla, made their presence felt in Edinburgh during the National Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication, conducted in honor of the King’s crowning. The tradition, known as Royal Week, is observed by Charles and Camilla every year in Scotland as they continue Queen Elizabeth’s legacy.

King Charles and Camilla’s Historic Coronation Celebrations

In following Queen Elizabeth’s footsteps, King Charles and Camilla celebrated their historic coronation with a second round of festivities in Scotland. This tradition adds a special touch to the proceedings, emphasizing the bond between the royal family and Scotland.


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s appearance at King Charles’ Coronation Celebration left a lasting impression on spectators. Kate’s impeccable fashion sense and their affectionate moments together created a truly remarkable experience. As Charles and Camilla carry on the tradition of Royal Week, their dedication to Scotland and its people shines through. The event not only commemorated a significant milestone but also showcased the unity and warmth within the royal family.

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