Pakistani Pilgrims Arrive in Saudi Arabia for Hajj with Government and Private Schemes

By | June 24, 2023

In a significant development, a substantial number of Pakistani pilgrims have reached Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage. As per the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, a total of 157,000 individuals from Pakistan have embarked on this spiritual journey. This article sheds light on the participation of Pakistani pilgrims in both the government and private schemes, the preparations made by Saudi Makatib, and the services provided to the pilgrims in Mina.

Government and Private Scheme Participants

Out of the 157,000 Pakistani pilgrims, 81,000 individuals are part of the government scheme, while the remaining 76,000 are participants in the private scheme. The government scheme offers an organized and regulated approach to Hajj, ensuring that the pilgrims receive necessary support and guidance throughout their pilgrimage. On the other hand, the private scheme allows individuals to undertake Hajj through private tour operators or groups, offering them flexibility in terms of travel arrangements and accommodations.

Preparations by Saudi Makatib

The Saudi Makatib has diligently completed all the required preparations to facilitate the pilgrims during their stay in Mina and Arafat. One of the crucial aspects of these preparations is the arrangement of tents, which will serve as temporary residences for the pilgrims. The tents in Mina and Arafat have been meticulously set up, ensuring comfort and convenience for the pilgrims throughout their Hajj journey.

Transportation to the Mina Tent Village

To facilitate the movement of the pilgrims, buses will be deployed to transport them from various locations to the Mina tent village. This transportation service will be operational on the night between Sunday and Monday, allowing the pilgrims to reach their designated temporary residences smoothly. The provision of reliable transportation plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the pilgrims can focus on their spiritual obligations without any unnecessary stress or inconvenience.

Camp Offices and Services in Mina

In order to cater to the needs of the Pakistani pilgrims, the Pakistan Hajj Mission has established camp offices in Mina. These camp offices serve as central hubs for providing a range of essential services and assistance to the pilgrims. Minister Talha Mehmood has taken a proactive approach by personally addressing concerns raised by the pilgrims and distributing gifts among them. His efforts demonstrate the commitment of the Pakistani authorities to ensure a comfortable and rewarding experience for the pilgrims.

Ensuring Top-Notch Facilities

Minister Talha Mehmood has also emphasized the importance of private Hajj Group Organizers in providing top-notch facilities to the pilgrims. He has urged them to go above and beyond to ensure that the pilgrims receive excellent services and accommodations throughout their journey. By emphasizing the need for superior facilities, the minister aims to enhance the overall experience of Pakistani pilgrims and maintain a high standard of service across all Hajj schemes.


The arrival of 157,000 Pakistani pilgrims in Saudi Arabia for Hajj marks a significant milestone in the spiritual journey of these individuals. The participation of both government and private scheme participants highlights the diverse options available for undertaking Hajj. The preparations made by the Saudi Makatib, including the setup of tents and transportation services, demonstrate the commitment of the Saudi authorities to facilitate a seamless Hajj experience. Moreover, the establishment of camp offices in Mina by the Pakistan Hajj Mission and the personal involvement of Minister Talha Mehmood reflect the dedication of the Pakistani authorities in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of the pilgrims. By providing top-notch facilities and services, the aim is to make this spiritual endeavor a truly remarkable and fulfilling one for all Pakistani pilgrims.

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