King Charles: A New Era for the British Throne

By | July 13, 2023

In a stunning revelation, royal experts are shedding light on the intriguing journey of King Charles before he ascended to the British throne. Accusations of him being nothing more than a ‘royal geisha’ have surfaced, sparking controversy and public interest. Let’s delve into the details and explore this captivating narrative.

A Candid Conversation with Daniela Elser

Renowned royal expert Daniela Elser made these startling claims against the King of England, unraveling a side of Charles that was previously unknown. During an exclusive interview with, Elser candidly admitted, “For over 50 years, Charles was akin to a royal geisha, perpetually following a few steps behind his mother and, later, his wife, metaphorically speaking.”

A Silent Observer in the Royal Limelight

Elser further highlighted, “He was always the ‘and’ – as in, ‘and here’s Charles too’.” This portrayal paints Charles as a silent observer, often overshadowed by the prominent figures surrounding him. Prior to his accession to the throne, he never received top billing nor was he the HRH (His Royal Highness) that the public yearned to see.

Curious Suspicion and Unconventional Interests

Regrettably, the public often viewed Charles with a sense of curious suspicion as he passionately spoke about subjects such as conservation, 15th-century Tuscan architecture, and even expressed his thoughts on exiling the designer of the Tate Modern to the Orkneys. His unorthodox interests seemed to distance him from the popular opinion.

The Fear of Diminished Limelight

It is plausible that now that Charles has claimed the crown, the throne, and holds the security code for the Houses of Parliament side door, he is reluctant to let his more popular son steal any of his limelight. This possessiveness over his newfound position might explain the absence of Prince William from certain important events.

Seeking Recognition for Decades of Work

Alternatively, it is possible that Charles yearned for acknowledgement and praise for his unwavering dedication to green issues. Perhaps he desired to bask in the glow of admiration from esteemed figures gathered at Windsor, celebrating his decades of assiduous work.

An Unfortunate Mistake

Nevertheless, regardless of the reasons behind William’s absence from specific meetings, it is imperative to recognize it as a regrettable oversight, deserving a place in the palace files under ‘M for Mistake.’ This notable absence is akin to the entries of ‘Moet, Orders,’ ‘Markle, Meghan,’ and ‘Michelangelos, questionably acquired.’

As the curtain lifts on this captivating narrative, we can only wonder about the complex dynamics and motivations that shape the lives of the British monarchy. The tale of King Charles, from being perceived as a ‘royal geisha’ to ascending the throne, offers a unique insight into the intricate world of royalty.

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