Houston Offshore Accidents: Holding Negligent Employers Accountable

By | July 13, 2023

Offshore accidents and maritime incidents are unfortunately common in Houston, often due to the lack of proper safety procedures and equipment. Negligent employers, employees, third parties, and others frequently expose offshore and maritime workers to unnecessary risks, leading to injuries or even fatalities. As seamen, these workers are entitled to a safe working environment, which includes a seaworthy vessel and secure conditions. Failure on the part of companies to fulfill these obligations can result in additional damages and legal liabilities under the Jones Act.

Seeking Justice in Houston: Your Advantage as an Offshore Worker

Being an offshore worker based in or from Texas comes with a distinct advantage when it comes to seeking legal action and holding employers accountable. You have the advantage of pursuing your case in the familiar jurisdictions of the businesses you work for. This is in stark contrast to the challenges faced when seeking justice in foreign countries with unfamiliar legal systems.

Skilled Jones Act Attorneys: Navigating Your Path to Justice

Our team of experienced Jones Act maritime attorneys specializes in helping offshore workers like you navigate the complex legal landscape. We understand the hardships you face and are dedicated to determining the most effective strategy to pursue your claim for damages, including personal injury or wrongful death resulting from maritime injuries.

Complimentary Case Evaluation: Discover Your Rights and Legal Options

Contact our firm today to receive a complimentary case evaluation. During this evaluation, we will assess the details of your case and provide guidance on the best course of action. It is crucial not to miss the opportunity to hold your employer accountable and seek the justice you deserve as an injured worker.

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