Exciting Schedule Revealed: ICC World Cup 2023 Set to Begin in India

By | June 24, 2023

The much-anticipated ICC World Cup 2023, scheduled to take place in India, is quickly approaching. On June 27, cricket enthusiasts from around the globe will finally get a glimpse of the action-packed tournament as the International Cricket Council (ICC) unveils its official schedule. This year, the schedule announcement comes with a sense of thrill and eagerness as it arrives just four months before the tournament kick-off, a shorter timeframe compared to previous editions of the World Cup.

Shorter Lead Time, Greater Excitement

Traditionally, World Cup schedules are announced over a year in advance, allowing fans to plan their trips and make necessary arrangements. However, this time, the ICC has taken a different approach, building up the excitement by revealing the schedule with a relatively shorter lead time. This strategic move adds to the anticipation and buzz surrounding the event, generating even more enthusiasm among cricket aficionados worldwide.

Tentative Dates and Unconfirmed Venues

While the exact venues and fixtures are yet to be confirmed, media reports suggest that the tournament will commence in October and conclude in November. Cricket enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the official schedule to be unveiled, which will shed light on the thrilling matches and the iconic cricket stadiums that will host them. As the excitement builds up, fans can’t help but speculate on which cities and grounds will witness the battle of the titans in this prestigious tournament.

The Delay and the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Influence

The delay in announcing the schedule was primarily caused by the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) delayed approval of the draft fixture list. Najam Sethi, former chairman of the PCB management committee, shed some light on the matter. According to Sethi, the final approval or disapproval of the World Cup schedule lies with the government, mirroring the process followed by the Indian government when determining the national team’s travel arrangements.

PCB’s Strategic Venue Swaps

In an interesting turn of events, the PCB has expressed its desire to gain an advantage by proposing venue changes for their matches against Australia and Afghanistan. They suggested swapping the locations, with Pakistan playing Australia in Chennai and Afghanistan in Bengaluru. The PCB believes that this strategic move would make them the favorites in both matches, setting the stage for thrilling encounters on the cricket field.

ICC’s Decision and Anticipated Unveiling

While venue changes during ICC events typically occur only in the case of security threats, the PCB’s request to alter the venues of specific matches awaits a decision from the ICC. Cricket enthusiasts and fans of the participating teams eagerly await the official announcement from the ICC, which will reveal the final details of the World Cup, including the venues and fixtures. The countdown has begun, and soon the excitement of witnessing the best cricketing nations battle it out on Indian soil will become a reality.

Pakistan’s Tentative World Cup Schedule

Here is a glimpse of Pakistan’s tentative schedule for the World Cup:

  • October 6: vs Qualifier in Hyderabad
  • October 12: vs Qualifier in Hyderabad
  • October 15: vs India in Ahmedabad
  • October 20: vs Australia in Bengaluru
  • October 23: vs Afghanistan in Chennai
  • October 27: vs South Africa in Chennai
  • October 31: vs Bangladesh in Kolkata
  • November 5: vs New Zealand in Bengaluru
  • November 12: vs England in Kolkata

These matches promise to be thrilling encounters that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. As the

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